Credits to Our Vendors

Want to find out more about the vendors we worked with to make our otherworldly events possible? Read on!

A Wedding in

was a beautiful event at Zingerman Cornman Farms, taking inspiration from the ethereal wonders of Rivendell and Lothlorien. Zingerman Cornman Farms provided the venue, as well as the wonderful linens and delicasies from the Tolkien world in a four course meal.
With photography by Adore Wedding Photography capturing moments of unbridaled beauty and videography by Sean Pohl, moments dear to the bride, groom, and guests will last at least an elves' lifetime.
Beautiful floral work which was done for the venue and the bride's bouquet, mounted to the grand sword Anduril, was performed by Finch Florals. Signage work for the event was done by Uniquely Inviting, who provided not only drink menus, but a dinner menu nestled behind the Doors of Durin!
The wondeful lighting for the venue was done by Quest Productions.
And lastly, the pocket square featuring the iconic map of Middle-Earth was provided by ElenBowTies.

Vendor Details

We're excited to provide more details on our vendors and their contributions to our events. More info on our vendors is coming soon!